Honors and Awards

Advising at Indiana University takes dedication and a passion for the success of students. Advisors go above and beyond to coach students through their academic journey. BAAC recognizes those advising efforts and celebrates achievement.

Terri Nation Award

This prestigious award recognizes the exceptional achievements of a member of BAAC and honors Terri Nation who was for many years an outstanding academic advisor and friend on the IUB campus.  

Nominations and all supporting documentation must be submitted in December.  Look for a "Call for Nominations" email in the fall semeser. 

Submit all nominations and supporting documentation to:
Jenifer L. Berry, BAAC Secretary
300 N. Jordan Avenue, Attention: Jenifer Berry
Please inform via email that you are submitting a nomination via campus mail

  • Be a member of BAAC
  • Have been an academic advisor on the IUB campus for a minimum of one calendar year
  • Have demonstrated exceptional service in at least one of the following categories:
    • Academic Advising
    • Service to the IUB campus
    • Service to BAAC

  • Be a member of BAAC
  • Provide a short (250-500 word) rationale for the nomination with the nominee’s name and title of his/her school or College (include department)
  • Request a supporting letter from the nominee’s supervisor (suggestions could be Dean, Dept. Chair, Director, or other immediate supervisors)