Professional Development Opportunities

Professional Development Certificate

IUBAAC sponsors a yearly program designed to provide national-caliber professional development opportunities to IU professional academic dvisors, at no cost to the advisors. The selection of which professional development events to attend for credit toward the certificate is up to each individual advising professional. 

  • You can now check your progress toward earning the 2023-2024 Professional Development Certificate.
    • If your name is highlighted in yellow, CONGRATULATIONS! You have earned the Professional Development Certificate for the current year.
    • This tracking spreadsheet will generally be updated within five days of each IUBAAC-sponsored event. If you find an error, please email Stacy Weida at
  • Report a maximum of two outside events using the Outside Event Form. These two events will count toward your Professional Development Certificate and will be added to the tracking spreadsheet monthly. The deadline to submit outside events for the 2023-2024 Professional Development Certificate is, May 31, 2024.

Congratulations to the 74 IU Bloomington Advisors and Administrators who completed the 2022-2023 Professional Development Certificate! 

Certificate Program Guidelines

Each IUBAAC member interested in completing and receiving a certificate for professional development will need to attend a minimum of 5 professional development events during that academic year. The following is how each person can complete their 5 events:

  • Each academic year, the IUBAAC Professional Development Committee offers a professional development program featuring between 8-10 professional development events.
  • At least 3 of the 5 events counted toward the IUBAAC Professional Development Certificate must be from those provided by the IUBAAC PDC.
    • One of the 3 BAC provided events must be either the Fall Meeting or Spring Conference. The other 2 can be any IUBAAC PDC provided professional development event.
    • Up to 2 non-IUBAAC PDC sponsored events can be of the participants choosing from opportunities offered elsewhere at IU or made available through a non-IU venue.
      • The external events must be submitted to the IUBAAC Professional Development Committee by a designated time each Spring in order for them to be vetted as professional development and to give the Committee time to complete the administrative work for awarding of the certificate
  • Some examples of "other" professional Development activities that would be appropriate include:
    • Attendance at a state, regional, or national conference appropriate to our field
      • NACADA, NASPA, ACPA, FYE, Honors, First Generation, etc.
    • Presenting on a topic for which you are expert at a conference or other group event
    • Writing for publication in our field
      • Academic Advising Today, the Mentor, NACADA Monographs, etc.
    • Attendance at speaking events by experts in the field that are directly applicable to your day-to day experiences and/or your advising population.
  • The IUBAAC PDC plans to evaluate all submissions and will contact all who submit events regarding acceptance and completion of the certificate.

Selection of professional development events to attend for credit toward the certificate is up to each individual advising professional.  As a professional in the field, you know best your professional development needs. The IUBAAC PDC will evaluate events based upon our definition of professional development and how each submitted event meets the learning objectives for the Professional development certificate program (see Appendix A). To submit a professional development event for consideration for the certificate program, please include the following:

  • Date and Time of the event (including duration, ie 1 ½ hrs)
  • Name of organization, office, or person who sponsored/put on the event
  • Why you chose to attend this event
  • How you believe this event impacts your professional development
    • At least one element, idea, or component of this event that you have taken or will take back to your work as an academic advisor

All submissions of events should be made to the chair or co-chairs of the Professional Development Committee.

Appendix A:

The BAAC Professional Development Committee defines professional development as the enhancement or advancement of skills or knowledge to increase the quality of one’s professional performance, above or beyond tasks required by, for, or in one’s position.

Learning objectives for the Professional Development Certificate Program

Academic advisors who successfully complete the Professional Development Program will:

  • Gain a greater understanding of the diverse and unique needs of their students. (NACADA Core Values #1, 2)
  • Develop professional development skills that may be used for involvement in NACADA(NACADA Core Values #4,5)
  • Actively participate in learning activities with other advisors. (NACADA Core Value #6)
  • Learn from the best practices of their colleagues to enhance their advising portfolio. (NACADA Core Values #3,6)
  • Seek out new opportunities for professional and personal growth. (NACADA Core Value #6)

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